Meng Xie

Video Production

My Youtube Channel

I'm always a big fan of movie, but start interested in video editing and filmmaking as a hobby after taking “Recording for television and film” class at college. Then, I interned with CCTV channel in Beijing as a video editor at 2011 summer.

During the first semester at ETC - CMU, I took a very interesting class “Visual Story”. We worked in teams to write, produce, shoot and edit several visual story assignments. This class teached me how to think visually and aurally, as well as aspects of mise-en-scene, classical continuity-style coverage, transmedia, and temporal and spatial montage theory.

Now, I still create videos time to time, from game trailer to music video as a hobby. Below are some of my work:

Lime - San Diego 1-Day Trip

Bike trip data visualization from Mapbox API.

Three Idiots

A stop motion music video represents our two times off-sites at ETC. My very first drifting is a totally nightmare. Our boat hitted a huge rock and everyone on the boat fall into water and I lost my saddle...

3D Art Demo

Some of my 3D modeling work.

Green Screen Music Video - ETC Folks