Meng Xie

TuneTrain iPad Game

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TuneTrain is a music creation app, where kids can quickly create and edit melodies through a fun line-drawing mechanic.

In the world of TuneTrain, people live at various heights in colorful vertical buildings. To help these people get around, the user can draw a train line to connect them to each other. The magic is that the people represent musical notes and the train line represents a musical melody that kids can create and hear.

Our goal is not only to make people feel confident in their ability to make music, but also to plant seeds of interest for a lifelong musical journey.

2D Artist

TuneTrain was one of the 7 apps chosen to pitch at the conference held on November 3-4 2014 in Los Angeles. The pitch was part of the App Developers Conference (ACD) Best in Apps Powered By AppCircus. ADC participants present their apps to a jury of experienced developers and business leaders for the Mobile Premiere Awards.