Meng Xie

Lime Ops App

Ops app is a utility app that our ops team use it to maintain our pedal bike, electric assistant bike and electric scooter. We are currently redesigning the entire flow from vehicle based to task based.

The new home screen will show a list of task types, each task type has its unique flow. The only thing ops need to do is choose a task type and then follow the instruction.

Daily Ops App Usage

Before, ops has to look at each vehicle to find the problem, and decide if the vehicle need to be retrieved, repaired on site or rebalanced. Problem: all the flows are mixed together, it's hard for individual specalist to identify the problematic vehicle.

Top 10 Most Used Features in Ops App

To solve the problem, we first collected top 10 most used features in Ops App. And then sort them out into three key pillars - retrieval, deploy and repair.

Daily Operation Efficiency by market

Our altimate goal is improving the overall operation efficiency. Reduce operational cost on each vehicle.

New Retrieval Flow

Retrieval is one of three key pillars of our operation (retrieval, deploy and repair). Currently ops are not fully utilizing the retrieval tickets. Since the map view is very cluttered, and therefore not intuitive to use the retrieval tickets.

We will build a standalone retrieval flow in opsapp to help specialists for retrieval. The flow will enable specialists to easily identify vehicles to retrieve, navigate to the vehicle and later drop off at the designated area.

New Deploy Flow

Currently there is no easy way for specialists to know how many ready-to-deploy vehicles are there in each warehouse, how many vehicles that they deploy and which hotspots they should deploy vehicles to.

We will build a standalone deploy flow in ops app to help specialists for deploy. The flow will enable specialists to easily see which warehouse to go to, navigate to the warehouse, pickup and later drop off at hotspots.

New Repair Flow

Currently ops team is using a google form to keep track of what actions they have taken on a vehicle (repaired or scrapped) and what spare parts are used, which is not user friendly and hard to track mechanics’ performance.

We will build a standalone repair + diagnosis flow in OpsApp for mechanics and lead. Lead Mechanics will follow the diagnosis flow to identify the issues of the vehicle and also to create tickets if needed. Mechanics will follow the repair flow to re-confirm the issue, fix the vehicle and note down what actions they take based on the repair flow.