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    Through KarFarm's platform, dealers work with consumers, privately and securely. No harassing calls, no emails, and no high pressure sales tactics.

    During the 3 years working experience at KarFarm. I created the consumer facing web and mobile app, as well as salespeople web and mobile app from scratch.

    Product Designer

    KarFarm Consumer Mobile App

    This was my “it project” during my time at KarFarm along with the seller mobile app. It originated from my explorations around car researching and buying experiences, to designs of a central hub for users to explore different cars and manage their car requests.

    As the first and lead designer, I worked with engineering team and PM to define the project scope, experience map, key flows, and interaction patterns. I’ve gone through tons of iterations on refining the flows, navigation, interactions, and visuals based on team’s feedback and research suggestions. Designs originated from paper prototypes, wireframes, Photoshop, interactive mockup on web, to full-spec redlines.

    KarFarm Consumer Web App

    User can choose uo to 5 salespeople on the KarFarm web platform. And each salespople's offer is transparent, they can bid with each other, so that the user can get best price without going back and forth around different dealers.

    KarFarm Seller Mobile App

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    The seller mobile app was aimed to renovate the entire procedure for automotive salesforce, which was basically a tool for salesperson from car dealerships to handle car-selling business. By designing this mobile app into a straightforward utility app, new goals need to be achieved, such as check new leads, chat in real time with customers, and make/edit offers without being chained to a desk.

    KarFarm Seller Web App

    Same functionality as seller mobile app. This is an in-progress revision project to match the visual design with KarFarm’s latest car sales utility mobile app. I redesigned the entire web app with totally different user interface within two weeks.