Meng Xie

Lime Admin Tool

Lime admin tool is the collective web app for all the advanced functionality that are used mainly by Lime employees. As an internal tool, I created a design system based on material design guideline, so that our engineers can implement faster by using react.

Trip City Dashboard

The goal of this dashboard is to let our central ops review and analysis our overall daily/weekly/monthly trips on region basis. Seattle and New York City are also required to provide these data, so that they know what’s going on in their city.

Assign Tasks

Ops managers are usually assign tasks based on region, to make the process easier, I innovatively introduced draw path functionality from Sketch to our admin tool. The manager can simply draw on the map, and the tasks within the shape will be selected, so that the manager can assign the tasks to the ops.

Vehicle Map View

Only the managers have the permission to access the vehicle map view. Each pin represents a vehicle, the color code and icon represents the vehicle status (deploy/in ride/maintenance/off-line/free-bike/write-off), and the subscript icon represents the vehicle type.